Constrution plots on São Nicolau in Ribeira Brava

Alongside the municipality of Ribeira, we have launched an urbanization project that has a total area of 7 hectares. The project is divided into 92 construction plots. The plots vary in price depending on the size and positioning. The price for 1 m² varies between €20 and €100. Ribeira Brava is equipped with a well-established infrastructure with easily accessible basic services including healthcare. This location even offers a brand new Czech ambulance.

São Nicolau is located between Santa Luzií and Sal. The geographical location is made up of mountains and stunning beaches. Sãi Nicolau Will keep you on your feet as there are majestic towns in the mountains, surfing spots, fishing spots, diving spots, and much more.

The island is also equipped with a domestic airport and a big port that provides regular shuttles that can transport you to different islands.

Highligts Investment

  • Price –  negotiated price
  • Area –  75 815 m2
  • Price for m² –  20 / 100 euros
  • Total number of plots – 92
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