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The Government of Cape Verde approved 234.5 million euros in investments



The Government approved 234.5 million euros in investments, equivalent to 53 projects invested between 2018 and early 2019.

According to a note published on the official website of the executive, in 2018 Cape Verde TradeInvest approved 42 projects, and in the first quarter of this year, 11 were approved, making a total of 53.

According to the same note, the bulk of investment is channeled to the tourism sector, followed by industry and services.

“The ambitions of this Government, supported by the Strategic Plan for Sustainable Development – PEDS (2017/2021) and the Government Program, elect the private sector as the pillar of Cape Verde’s development,” it reads.

“This dynamic supported by the projects such as the Tourism Platform, the Aerial Hub and the building of a Commercial Free Trade Zone will ensure that, as stipulated by the PEDS, development reaches all corners of Cape Verde”, concludes