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Choose Cabo Verde ” – KONFERENCE

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Cape Verde is an attractive investment destination for several reasons: Political, economic, and social stability: Cape Verde is one of the most stable countries in Africa, which is highly appealing to investors. This stability can reduce investment risks. Investor-friendly government and welcoming population: Cape Verde is known for its hospitality and openness towards foreigners, making […]

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Africa Top and botton 5 hospitality investment market unveiled

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   Africa’s top and bottom 5 hospitality investment markets unveiled by Juliana Hahn | 16 Oct 2019 | News Africa is home to one of the world’s fastest developing hospitality markets. (Photo: Dan Grinwis from Unsplash) Africa hospitality investment expert Wayne Troughton reveals where hoteliers and investors should look to next. Just in time for the 10th annual African Property […]

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