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Choose Cabo Verde ” – KONFERENCE

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Cape Verde is an attractive investment destination for several reasons: Political, economic, and social stability: Cape Verde is one of the most stable countries in Africa, which is highly appealing to investors. This stability can reduce investment risks. Investor-friendly government and welcoming population: Cape Verde is known for its hospitality and openness towards foreigners, making […]

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Power of attorney Cape Verde

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Letter of attorney Power of attorney is the act by which a person voluntarily transfers powers of representation to another. The drafting of a power of attorney requires the presence of the interested party. Necessary documents: • Identification document; • Attorney’s identification document (Photocopy) Order Power of Attorney online Personal assistance Make your appointment for […]

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Cape Verde in Czech Republic

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The promotion of investment for Cape Verde in the Czech Republic at the Chek-Cape Verdean Chamber of Commerce continues, our real estate products in Boavista are present. A big thank you to Kamil Bahbouh President of the Chamber of Commerce , Mónica Sofia Duarte , Vice-president of the Chamber of Commerce , for the opportunity […]

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